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native american heritage month

Native American


teen girl performing Native American dance

Shanice Quetawki performed the Butterfly Dance at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. The Butterfly Dance is a 2-person dance. Shanice's partner is not pictured.

student life cycle of a wolf project

Third grade studied Plant & Animal Cycles. Sarah Ochsner created this diorama of the life cycle of a wolf.

ballerina on one knee with other leg pointing behind

Faith Nicko says, "I enjoy dancing for the freedom of the movement and the way it allows me to express my feelings. Dance gives me the discipline in making myself better daily. Without the art of dance in my life I would not be as passionate as I am today. "

girl named Karma

Karma Bromwell - 3rd place national winner in Junior Paper Division of the National History Day Competition.

woman working with making glass

Ms. Edie Hills works with glass in its melted stage.