supplemental enrollment informational flyer

Pecos Cyber Academy (PCA) proudly presents the Supplemental Enrollment Program.

As an approved member of the New Mexico Virtual Course Consortium (NMVC²), PCA is committed to connecting and expanding access to learning opportunities for students and families as a supplemental course provider.

Pecos Cyber Academy Supplemental Enrollment Program Overview:

  • PCA is established as a full-time virtual, public school serving New Mexico students in grades K-12 since 2016
  • PCA curriculum is balanced and challenging, focused on students pursuing paths that lead to success
  • PCA courses are aligned to the New Mexico Common Core Standards
  • ALL PCA teachers are New Mexico certified teachers, credentialed and/or endorsed in the content area they are teaching, highly qualified with an average of 19 years of teaching experience
  • All PCA Teachers are Specially trained in teaching in a virtual environment
  • PCA teachers provide real-time live instruction, including 1:1 support and interaction through live lesson sessions and with the availability of recorded sessions
  • General Education Teachers with inclusion support from Special Education and Bilingual Teachers are available during regularly scheduled office hours to provide flexible availability to support students
  • Access to asynchronous and synchronous courses available to support students/parents in platform navigation and acclimation to the online learning
  • PCA Program Director will be a point-of-contact for District Site Coordinators, developing MOUs with participating districts     
  • PCA can offer K-12 – Core Subject Areas, AP Courses, Honors Course and Other Courses Upon Request
  • PCA will provide Final Course Completion Report to include:
    • Grades (term)
    • Quizzes, Course exams, Progress monitoring
    • Attendance (in compliance with Attendance with Success Act.)
    • Behavior reports (if needed)

PCA invites you to join our Supplemental Enrollment Program, to provide equitable access to expanded and high-quality curricula taught by New Mexico-Certified Teachers.