Welcome to Pecos Cyber Academy

Pecos Cyber Academy (PCA) is an online public charter school that acknowledges and embraces every student’s learning journey to individual success. Through innovative technology and a rich curriculum, students are anchored in a solid academic foundation for college or trade school.

Once you begin at PCA, you enroll in more than a public online charter school; you join a learning community. Walking through our virtual doors, you will immediately see a school devoted to student academic achievement through our culturally and linguistically responsive framework. We have designed educational supports that both enhance the learning experience and provide students, and the parent, strategies and techniques to help meet all students` unique needs.

Here at PCA, we believe that every student can flourish when given the opportunity. We believe in thinking differently, inspiring students, and partnering with our community. We do this by lifting students to higher standards, removing barriers, and the option of failure.

We are honored to partner with you in your child's education.

Dr. Kim Hite-Pope, EdD
Executive Director of Pecos Cyber Academy

Contact Us:

Pecos Cyber Academy
1841 Old Route 66
Edgewood, NM 87015

Office: 505-886-3900
Director: 505-609-8197
Elementary Principal: 575-309-8855
Mid School Principal: 575-626-2884
High School Principal: 505-417-8350
Special Education Director: 505-652-2270